About Us


Doug Ehrmann, a working farrier, established the Sound Equine. Doug has been a farrier for most of his life. The Sound Equine products were created mostly out of necessity.

D.E. HOOFTAPS for wall separation and other corrective issues, under shoes, under glue-on shoes, in boots and barefoot. Named after its inventor & long time farrier Doug Ehrmann, DE HoofTaps are a product that offers an entirely new approach to hoof care. 

Created because of his need for a real solution, Doug explains “Up where I shoe, inclement weather and abrasive surfaces like stone dust arenas are commonplace. So many horses were having chronic issues with excessive wear, wall separations and overall loss of hoof integrity. I remember thinking to myself - I have to find a better way to help”. 

So after years of research, field trials and evolutionary stages Ehrmann formally introduced DE HoofTaps to the market in 2018 and since then has produced noticeable & exciting results for the future of farriery.  

The Power Pick was Doug’s first patent. Doug needed a hoof pick in his day-to-day business, that popped out heavy debris fast and easily, the Power Pick was the answer. It wasn’t till his customers started asking where they could get a hoof pick like the one he was working with. That was when he decided to put the Power Pick on the market. This was the beginning of the Sound Equine and soon other great-patented products would follow.

The Easy Lead was invented after a paint stallion would not allow Doug to put the chain over his nose or even walk in the stall. The horse was extremely head strong.  After a couple of times of using the new lead the horse would actually stand in his stall by the door, all the threatening body language had stopped. The chain was probably used too much and became a source of pain for him. The Easy Lunge soon followed. With the Easy Lunge there was no need to change when switching directions and also works as well while lungeing with your bridle.

The Easy Clean Body brush, Doug actually came up with years ago while grooming horses at Belmont Park racetrack. He groomed five horses when the norm was three, per person. So he wanted to find a way to cut grooming in half. Not only did the Easy Clean do that, it made the coat shinier. It brings all that loose hair and dander to the surface and off the coat in each stroke. When you use two brushes, a medium and soft you tend to be brushing over the dirt.

Doug also invented the Bitless Reins years ago. He used them while riding his own horses. Although they look similar to the Easy Lead in function, it holds it’s own patent. While using the Bitless Reins, you are not direct reining. When you use the left rein you’re actually pulling the right side of the nose over. And the same when you are pulling the right side you’re pulling on the left side snap. This is why we found them great for younger horses. We found that you can supple your horse right into a frame. The Easy Ride Bitless Reins are not only fun to use, they have a function.

The Sweat Scraper Shedder was created as a mud scraper/sweat scraper, but we soon realized it’s shedding capabilities. It can be used any way you feel comfortable. Either with your thumb through the hole, or your hand over the top. There is no wrong way.

The Pasture Lead came about due to too many times trying to catch a horse only to find no halter. This is also a great lead to have around the barn.

Tell It With Tells a division of The Sound Equine. Light hearted funny tees, for horse people by horse people. Sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.


DE HOOFTAPS for wall separation and other corrective issues, under shoes, under glue-on shoes, in boots and barefoot.


Wall Separation/White Line, Hoof Cracks, Brittle Hooves, Wall Stabilization, Toe Cracks, Crushed Heels, Low Heels, Uneven Wear. DE HoofTaps can be used under shoes, under glue on shoes, in boots and barefoot. They can also be used as anchors for adhesive when building a shoe.