SUGGESTIONS FOR DRIVING D.E. HOOF TAPS                                                

When driving, lightly strike middle of D.E. Hoof Tap first to set. Then lightly go back and forth until hoof tap is completely in. Always drive D.E. Hoof Taps with light hammer blows. Drive D.E. Hoof Taps close to or in white line after slight score or groove have been placed behind where break over is desired.

Excessive Wear - Walls that tend to break up and are brittle. Set D.E. Hoof Taps on either side of the toe behind where your break over is desired, two hoof taps should be sufficient. Four taps can be used if desired, making sure taps are not spaced too close, usually length of half a tap is good. Mark where your tap will be placed, take end of farriers knife and make a slight groove the length of your tap, then lightly drive in. Driven tap should be a little higher than wall, does not need to be exact.

Traction/Excessive Wear - Drive D.E. Hoof Taps in either side of toe, behind where break over is desired. If hoof tap top wears quicker than trimming cycle, the tap is still working. The posts are stopping wear and keeping horses hoof wall intact. Hoof taps are trimmed out in 4-6 weeks or as needed with absolutely no damage to the hoof capsule. 

Crushed Heels, Low Heels, Uneven Wear - Simply drive D.E. Hoof Taps in the wall for crushed and low heels, always make sure you’re forward from the actual end of the heel where wall is present.

▪Allows hoof to flex naturally.

▪Stops excessive wear.

▪Provides Traction.

▪Corrects hoof issues in young horses. 

▪Helps crushed heel problems.

▪Helps other corrective issues in theUnshod/Barefoot hoof.

▪Many horses are shod up-front, Hoof Taps behind.

▪Can be used when shoes are pulledfor Winter.

▪No damage to hoof, pulled out in 4-6 weeks.

▪If a transition from shoes is desired nail holes should be filled and taps then applied.

▪Less intrusive than horse shoe nails.

▪One size fits all.

▪Anti-bacterial Zinc coated.

▪Saves time, saves money, easy to use.



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D.E. HoofTaps

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